The Best Mens Shoes To Wear With Black Jeans

When it comes to nailing that off-duty look, black jeans are a wardrobe essential. But what shoes should you rock with them? We've got the perfect footwear options for you, whether you're going for a smart-casual vibe or something trendier. Keep scrolling to see our top picks. Popham Gas Croc Midnight


Popham Gas Croc Midnight  

The Popham Gas Croc Midnight is the ultimate blend of leather and mesh, with a ‘gas’ sole unit for maximum style and comfort. Featuring a totally blackout upper in leather and small hole mesh, this luxury shoe will take any outfit to the next level when paired with black jeans. With luxurious attention to detail that does not disappoint, you can be sure you are wearing something truly special. Try pairing with a white t-shirt and leather jacket to ramp your outfit up a notch. Lowman Patent Midnight

Lowman Patent Midnight  

The Lowman Patent Midnight is an understated, yet luxurious choice for anyone looking to stand out in the crowd. Elevated with midnight colouring and a padded mesh for comfort, the silver heel clip makes it particularly unique. It’s perfect for adding the finishing touch to any outfit starring black jeans, whether you’re in the office or at the club. It’s safe to say this shoe adds undeniable style with effortless elegance. Try pairing it with a black hoodie on a night out for a truly striking look.  Knox Gas Tumbled Midnight

Knox Gas Tumbled Midnight  

Step up your style with the Knox Gas Tumbled Midnight shoes made from black leather and patent. No detail has been sacrificed with the black midsole and eye-catching silver heel clip - these sleek shoes will be sure to make a statement. Unique yet versatile, you can wear them to dress up an evening look or just casually with your black jeans for a timeless look.  Hoxton 2.0 Black Suede

Hoxton 2.0 Black Suede  

Step out in style with the Hoxton 2.0 Black Suede shoes for men. Incorporating silver foil branding, a silver heel clip and white midsole contrasted with a black tread that is perfect for wearing with jeans, you’ll feel confident slipping these on for date night or a business meeting. The sleek design goes effortlessly with black denim, and their luxurious look will surely have heads turning as you stride confidently wherever your day may take you. 

Popham Drench Matt Camo Midnight

Popham Drench Matt Camo Midnight  

The Popham Drench Matt Camo Midnight is the perfect choice for men looking to up their style game. Combining matt black leather with camo nylon, this shoe offers a distinctive look that reflects its luxury status. Furthermore, it features a black heel clip giving an edgy feel that pairs well with black jeans, ensuring you can step out in confidence no matter the occasion.  

Final Thoughts

From the subtle and low-key elegance of Popham Gas Croc Midnight to the bold Hoxton 2.0 Black Suede, there is something in this collection that will go perfectly with black jeans for every mood and style. Wear any of these shoes with your favourite pair of denim trousers, and you will be well on your way to feeling comfortable, luxurious, and put together. Try pairing one of these stylish options with an edgy shirt or a luxe blazer for truly head-turning results. With these five options, you're sure to make a statement wherever you go!